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South Indian cinema has grown tremendously over the past few decades. While movies in languages like Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam have always had a strong regional following, the popularity of best South Indian movies dubbed in Hindi list has also increased manifold.

This has enabled South Indian cinema to find a pan-India audience. Blockbuster hits like Bahubali, Pushpa, RRR and KGF have made stars out of the likes of Prabhas, Allu Arjun, Jr NTR, Ram Charan and Yash. Their movies dubbed in Hindi have broken box office records across North India.

If you are looking to get into South Indian cinema, here is the Best South Indian Movies Dubbed in Hindi List that you must watch:

Bahubali: The Beginning (2015)

Best South Indian Movies Dubbed in Hindi List
Bahubali: The Beginning (2015)

IMDb Rating: 8.2/10

Best South Indian Movies Dubbed in Hindi List Bahubali: The Beginning, released in 2015, set a new benchmark for Indian cinema with its grand scale, visual effects and dramatic storytelling. Directed by acclaimed filmmaker S.S Rajamouli and made on a budget of ₹180 crores, it was the most expensive Indian film at the time.

The film tells the fictional story of Amarendra Baahubali and Bhallaladeva – two warring brothers with a claim to the throne of the ancient kingdom of Mahishmati. Featuring stunning visuals, elaborate costumes and thrilling large scale action sequences, the film stunned audiences with its technical brilliance.

At the emotional core is the complex relationship between the heroic Baahubali, played by Prabhas, and the ruthlessly ambitious Bhallaladeva, played compellingly by Rana Daggubati. Their power struggle formed the basis for the epic scale conflict presented.

Anushka Shetty also stars as the warrior princess Devasena, forming the third part of a vivid love triangle that drew audiences in.

With an 8.2 rating on IMDb from nearly 300,000 users, Best South Indian Movies Dubbed in Hindi List Bahubali swept awards season, cementing its status as one of India’s most beloved contemporary films. Its grand visual scale and dramatic high points are reference points for Indian cinema today.

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Pushpa: The Rise (2021)

Best South Indian Movies Dubbed in Hindi List
Pushpa: The Rise (2021)

IMDb Rating: 8.0/10

6 years after Bahubali captivated the nation, the Telugu blockbuster Best South Indian Movies Dubbed in Hindi List Pushpa: The Rise aimed to recreate the same magic formula of mass appeal entertainment blended with technical polish. Released in 2021, the film introduces us to Pushpa Raj – a lorry driver who rises the ranks of the red sanders smuggling syndicate, driven by ambition and love.

Brought to life by Allu Arjun’s staggering performance, Pushpa Raj is a morally ambiguous antihero who nonetheless wins over audiences with his rugged charm and wit. With steely determination, he takes on cop and criminal alike in his rise to the top.

Directed by Sukumar and made on a budget of ₹200 crores, Pushpa wowed viewers with its breathless action staging and the sheer star power of Allu Arjun at his massiest best. Co-star Rashmika Mandanna also shines as his love interest Srivalli, whose village girl charm proves irresistible.

Technically too the film impressed, with praise directed at Devi Sri Prasad’s rousing musical score, Miroslaw Kuba Brozek’s stylised cinematography and Kecha Khamphakdee’s editing flair.

With a rating of 8.0 on IMDb from 90,000 users, Pushpa: The Rise delivered on fan expectations of an Allu Arjun mass entertainer par excellence. Its success spells the possibility of more well made Telugu potboilers making it big nationally post-pandemic. Much like Bahubali, this is the kind of film made for the big screen experience above all else.

RRR (2022) –best South Indian movies dubbed in Hindi list

Best South Indian Movies Dubbed in Hindi List
RRR (2022)

IMDb Rating: 8.8/10

If KGF signaled the return of the South Indian mass entertainer on the national stage, then S.S Rajamouli’s most recent epic Best South Indian Movies Dubbed in Hindi List RRR has expanded that even further with its mammoth box office haul. Made on an estimated budget of ₹550 crores, the film has grossed over ₹1100 globally so far.

At its core, RRR is a fictitious story of revolution centered on two key real-life Indian revolutionaries – Alluri Sitarama Raju played by Ram Charan and Komaram Bheem played by Jr NTR. However, Rajamouli expands the canvas into a dazzling spectacle blending visual effects wizardry with grandiose staging of both emotion and action.

The buddy chemistry between the two leads, Raju and Bheem forms the emotional anchor that holds the spectacle and elaborate dance numbers together. Their camaraderie coupled with first rate performances, cemented the film as an epic blockbuster for the ages when it released earlier in 2022.

On IMDb, RRR currently holds a strong 8.0 rating from over 473,000 users signalling its widespread popularity. With its current worldwide box office earnings, RRR signals the arrival of South Indian cinema as the new pivot for post-pandemic Indian blockbusters by blending mass appeal with big-canvas storytelling.

Whether it be the earthy machismo of KGF or the grand spectacle of RRR – these two films amply highlight why the best of South Indian cinema deserves pan-Indian appeal. Driven by big-screen entertainment and heroism, yet underpinned by emotion – these films continue to iterate why ‘masala’ has enduring relevance when blended with Hollywood-esque spectacle as Rajamouli manages expertly. Both are worthy choices as “Best South Indian Movies Dubbed in Hindi List” contenders for their universal appeal.

KGF Chapter 1 (2018)

Best South Indian Movies Dubbed in Hindi List
KGF Chapter 1 (2018)

IMDb Rating: 8.4/10

Released in 2018 in Kannada and dubbed into Hindi in 2019, Best South Indian Movies Dubbed in Hindi List KGF Chapter 1 revived the fortunes of mass entertainer cinema rooted in heroism and machismo. Centered on the gold mines of Kolar and the underlying power struggles, the film introduces us to Rocky – a lowlife who challenges the existing regime to claim a throne built on gold.

Helmed by writer-director Prashanth Neel, KGF Chapter 1 stars Yash in the lead role of Rocky – a physically imposing anti-hero who nonetheless displays vulnerability while charting his claim in a violence filled world. His raw magnetism coupled with the film’s stylised action and grandiose visuals struck a chord with both South Indian and Hindi audiences upon its dub.

Made on a budget of ₹80 crores, the film went on the gross over ₹250 crores worldwide. On IMDb it holds an 8.2 rating from over 425,000 users, underlining its widespread popularity beyond its core regional following. Its success is crucial in understanding the nation-wide appeal well-made South Indian potboilers can command in the pan-India market.

Vikram (2022)

Best South Indian Movies Dubbed in Hindi List
Vikram (2022)

IMDb Rating: 8.4/10

Helmed by celebrated director Lokesh Kanagaraj, Vikram released earlier this year to widespread critical acclaim and box office success. Best South Indian Movies Dubbed in Hindi List Starring Kamal Haasan in the titular role alongside Vijay Sethupathi as the antagonist, the neo-noir action thriller channeled the best of gritty 80s action cinema combined with slick styling. Haasan’s bravura turn as a retired agent brought out of shadows formed the emotional core amidst the film’s stylized and gripping set pieces.

The film earned special praise for Lokesh Kanagaraj’s masterful blending of engaging characters, top-notch performances and action choreography in a storyline filled with interesting twists and payoffs. No wonder that it went on to gross nearly ₹500 crores worldwide against a reported budget of ₹100 crores.

Released by multiplex chain PVR Pictures, Best South Indian Movies Dubbed in Hindi List the Hindi dubbed version also received positive word of mouth from critics and viewers for the skillful translation of its many qualities for pan-India audiences. As a slick and taut action thriller, Vikram sets a new benchmark.

Drishyam (2013) – best South Indian movies dubbed in Hindi list

Best South Indian Movies Dubbed in Hindi List
Drishyam (2013)

IMDb Rating: 8.6/10

While not heavy on action set pieces, the evergreen Malayalam thriller Best South Indian Movies Dubbed in Hindi List Drishyam relied on situational and psychological tension to craft a compelling tale of a common man battling to protect his family. At the emotional core was Mohanlal’s incredible performance as Georgekutty – an orphan turned cable TV provider who weaves an intricate web of deception and mind games after his family accidentally ends up killing the dysfunctional son of a top cop.

Released in 2013, Drishyam at the time went on to become the highest grossing Malayalam film ever at the Kerala box office – underlining Mohanlal’s enduring star power and crowd appeal.

Much like Vikram nearly a decade later, when it released in a Hindi dubbed version it once again clicked with national audiences. By stripping away large action set pieces in favour of deep tension arising from the common phrase ‘police procedural’, Drishyam set a gold standard for crime thrillers in India. Mohanlal deservedly won the National Award for Best Actor that year cementing the film’s classic status.

As these two films underline through their mainstream popularity, South Indian cinema now competes directly with the best that Hindi cinema has to offer. Dubbed or not, the quality of the original filmmaking is what ultimately appeals to pan-Indian viewers while retaining the regional essence that makes it unique. Both Vikram and Drishyam are worthy entrants in any Best South Indian Movies Dubbed in Hindi List compilation worth its salt.

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Vikram Vedha (2017) – Best South Indian Movies Dubbed in Hindi List

Best South Indian Movies Dubbed in Hindi List
Vikram Vedha (2017)

IMDb Rating: 8.7/10

This neo-noir action thriller is based on the Indian folktale of Vikram-Betaal with a modern spin. Featuring R Madhavan as righteous cop Vikram chasing down gangster Vedha (Vijay Sethupathi), the film documents their altercations as Vedha narrates moral conundrums that steadily blur the lines between good and evil.

Backed by incredible performances by both Sethupathi and Madhavan, Best South Indian Movies Dubbed in Hindi List Vikram Vedha holds up a mirror to society andmakes for an engaging, philosophical and gritty thriller. Its thought provoking narrative coupled with several memorable set pieces earned critical acclaim upon release.

Once the Hindi dubbed version premiered on OTT, the film once again crossed over beyond its native Tamil audiences. While different in plot, tone and genre to Lucifer – both films share compelling central performances by proven stalwarts backed by strong direction and writing. This is what makes crossover South Indian films dubbed in Hindi worth appreciating.

As the lines between regional and national continue to blur, Lucifer and Vikram Vedha underline that skillful filmmaking transcends language barriers to appeal more universally. Both deserve plaudits as stellar entrants in the Best South Indian Movies Dubbed in Hindi List category.

Lucifer (2019) –best South Indian movies dubbed in Hindi list

Best South Indian Movies Dubbed in Hindi List
Lucifer (2019)

IMDb Rating: 7.9/10

Released in 2019, this Malayalam blockbuster marked the directorial début of actor Prithviraj Sukumaran who also played a key role alongside the indomitable Mohanlal. A political thriller at heart, Best South Indian Movies Dubbed in Hindi List Lucifer deftly balances socio-political commentary with pulpy commercial elements through the tumultuous journey of Stephen Nedumpally – heir to a powerful political party who rises to fill the leadership vacuum upon a party stalwart’s death.

Mohanlal turns in one of his most nuanced and balanced performances as Stephen, conveying the gravitas needed to command loyalty amidst enemies closing in. The film’s racy screenplay, balancing drama with action fetched widespread acclaim, besides resonating with national audiences once it released via Amazon Prime Video in Hindi as well. With a reported budget of ₹35 crores, Lucifer went on to gross over ₹200 crores at the box office.

Conclusion –best South Indian movies dubbed in Hindi list

As evident from the movies listed above, South Indian cinema has been consistently delivering incredibly well-made mainstream films in the last decade. Their success in the Hindi dubbed versions proves that the audiences are welcoming content from diverse regions and languages.

Filmmakers like SS Rajamouli, Prashanth Neel and Lokesh Kanagaraj also enjoy immense fandom across India due to their unique storytelling and vision.

We hope this blog helped you discover some of the best South Indian movies dubbed in Hindi. Happy binge-watching! Let us know your favorites as well.

Best South Indian Movies Dubbed in Hindi List-FAQ

Which is the best South Indian movies dubbed in Hindi?

Bahubali and KGF series have set new records and created pan-India fanbase upon Hindi release.

Which is No 1 South movie?

RRR is the highest grossing South Indian film of 2022, while Bahubali series was the top grosser before.

Which is the best movie in Hindi dubbed?

Pushpa: The Rise has been most successful recent South movie in Hindi version.

Who is the best movie in South Indian?

Kamal Haasan starrer Vikram balanced critical acclaim with commercial success.

Who is the king of South movies?

Rajinikanth has enjoyed demigod level fan following for over four decades across India.

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